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The kitchen is the heart of the home, a washroom is a sanctuary, but your basement….is an opportunity
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E3 Construction Ltd. has been providing basement renovations in the Calgary area for more than ten years. In this time, we have seen different reasons why people develop their basement, here are a few of the most popular.  If you are not looking to renovate your basement, we also provide home improvements services.  If you are looking to update doors and casings or need a new deck, contact us and we can give you a price for your project.  Also, check out our basement development blog to get tips on completing a home renovation.


You have kids, and they need space. You are developing your basement to give your kids a place to play and maybe an extra room to sleep.

kids play room
No more tripping over toys in the living room. Now their Lego creations have a place to stay. Developing your basement with a play room frees up your kids to play and contains that play in one part of the house. Learn More
place for you to escape
Your home is a busy place, but down in the basement, you can have some “me time”. You enjoy working out but now you need to be home for the kids.  You need a workout room to help with sanity.  Maybe you want a cozy reading nook, or an art studio. There is so much you can do in “your space” in the basement. Learn More
extra space
We love family but tripping all over each other isn’t working. You need a bigger house, but then you would have to move. By developing your basement, you can add four hundred to six hundred square feet of space without moving. It also cheaper then an addition. More space, with less stress…now you’re talking! Learn More


You are the most giving of us all. You are designing your basement so your friends have a place to hang out. Maybe you build a guest room so friends can spend the night, or the week, or just move right in.

games room
Billiard table, ping pong, arcade games…anything in the name of fun.  This is both a good place for you and your friends, and also for your teenagers. Few things are more important to your teenagers than having a fun place to be with their friends. Building a games room in your basement provides fun for them and peace of mind for you. Learn More
guest bedroom
Yes, they could just stay at Super 8 but it would be nicer to host people in your guest room. Then you can stay up late together, retelling that story about when you were kids. No set checkout time, unless of course they have a flight to catch. Learn More
space to entertain
Twister in your living room is fun, but the lamp will get broken. In your basement, there is room to set up the sofas, watch the game, play board games, or do what ever else you love to do. Give yourself space to be together without sitting on each others’ laps. Learn More
home theater
If movies are your thing, then theatre, here we come!  This doesn’t have to be Cineplex, but a nice big screen with some crisp sound and comfy chairs would be great. Add some homemade popcorn popping at your wet bar, and you are set for the perfect night at home. Learn More


You are developing your basement to increase your cash flow and the value of your house.  You may even be a part of the affordable housing solution for Calgary.

increase cash flow
Depending of course on location, size and level-of-finish, a secondary suite can generate between $800-1200 a month. That is over $10 000 a year of extra money, all for sharing your unused basement with someone else.  This will be made possible  after E3 develops it. Learn More
increased house value
Developing your basement for personal use will only get you back between 60-80% of what you spend on it. However, secondary suites are the exception.  When buyers go to the bank for a mortgage, a legal secondary suite is not a expense but is an added source of income. With that added income, they can access a higher mortgage and can afford to pay you more. That’s added value to for you. Learn More
keeping it seperated
Sure you would love to help provide affordable housing, but you don’t want a stranger in your house. A legal secondary suite puts a locking door between your space and theirs. Also, with an Insulated ceiling and 1 3/4″ solid door at the suite entrance, you may not even notice they are there, except when the rent is paid every month. Learn More
affordable housing
Let’s face it, Calgary is expensive. Remember when mortgages were only $600 per month? No, neither do I. It’s hard to scrape together a down payment, let alone make the monthly payments. A secondary suite helps both you and your renters. Your renters get a nice place to live, and you get an affordable mortgage. Learn More

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I would highly recommend E3 Construction. Ryan and his crew did an absolutely amazing job on our basement. The finished product exceeded our expectations, and the quality of workmanship and attention to detail was superb. Scott ketcheson
The act of providing excellent customer service is becoming a lost art, but Ryan at e3 Construction sure knows how to do it. Rena Krusky
Ryan is very responsive on emails, text messages, or phone calls which is not very common in trades. Throughout my dealing with him I found him honest, professional and trust worthy. Rafique F.

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