You have kids, and they need space. You are developing your basement to give your kids a place to play and maybe an extra room to sleep or something for yourself!

Kid’s Playroom

No more tripping over toys in the living room. Now their Lego creations have a place to stay. Developing your basement with a playroom frees up your kids to play and contains that play in one part of the house.
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Clean and Tidy

Once your basement is developed it will be so much easier to keep your house, including your basement tidy. This often simply a matter of space. Space to store all their toys. Designing your basement with a place for all their toy bins. This can be something elaborate like a Kallax system from Ikea with Dröna boxes to make clean up easier! Or simply a corner in your basement where all their toys can be kept. It’s your basement, your choice but space allows you to bring order to your child’s chaotic play.

When they decide that all the toy boxes must be emptied 30 minutes before your mother in law arrives, it is in the basement. Allowing you to welcome her to your “clean house” without her stepping on toys while taking off her coat and then she can go with her grandkids to play with their toys in the basement.

Or simply the freedom to sit down on your couch to clear your head without having to move the stuffies off and sweeping the cars away with your feet. Then unable to focus because the room is so crammed full. They have their space in the basement and you, a clean space to relax. Whatever reason, having a basement to organize your toys in will encourage a clean and enjoyable playspace for the whole family.

Warm and Cozy

Concrete is cold and hard. It is no place for our little people to play. But your basement doesn’t have to be with barricade flooring, with wall to wall plush carpet, keeps those little feet warm. With a well-designed heating system that circulates the heat from the ceiling duct to the return on the floor makes your basement both warm and cozy place. The kind of place your kids will want to play.

Imagination Central

A fond memory I have of my childhood is playing with play family. My sibling and I would spend days setting up farms with cows bigger than our people, business, homes, furniture, creating family trees, celebrating weddings and whatever else our imagination could think of. It was endless hours of imagination. For days our little creations would lay occupying the entire basement as we would play. But it didn’t matter, my parents still had the rest of the house clean and in order. We were in the basement, having fun, making a mess but there were no toys cluttering where my Mom was trying to work. We didn’t need to be clean up every night for sanity sake because it was in the basement. Our imagination zone was our basement, for in our basement we had the freedom, to let our imaginations run wild.

Safe and Fun

Developing your basement gives your kids space and freedom to play and be kids. No more worrying about kicking a ball into the furnace and damaging it or getting their little fingers stuck in the telepost when they swing on it. With a developed basement you can safely send your children down to the basement to play, without worrying that they are going to be causing major damage to your furnace and hot water heater. And we can’t stop your children from swinging around the posts, but we ensure they are safely encased in drywall providing a safe and beautiful basement.

The opportunities that are available for your family when you finish your basement are vast, and we would love to discuss with you how we can unlock the potential in your home.

Extra Bedroom

As kids grow up, they want their own space. The bunks used to be fun, but now they want their own room. You could move, but wouldn’t it be easier to develop your basement with a safe egress window and stay where you are?
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Sound Insulation

You love your teenager, and you want them to express themselves, but do they have to express themselves so loudly? With Roxul sound deadening insulation your teen can play their music as loud as they want without driving the rest of the family crazy!

Privacy, please!

As your children grow and mature, they start to seek out independence and privacy. A bedroom in the basement gives them space, while still being a part of the family hub. Little details like a lock on the door or window coverings that don’t leave gaps can make a world of difference for a teen who wants their privacy.

Natural Light

With a beautiful 48” X 36” window, a basement bedroom isn’t a dark hole, but it becomes a comfortable space to relax. After developing many basements, it still amazes me what natural light coming through a window does to a room. It just warms the feel of the room like nothing else. Maybe all the natural light might even encourage some productivity in the homework department?

Safety First

No basement bedroom is safe without an egress window. Your kid will enjoy having their own space but we will all sleep better at night knowing that if the unthinkable happens, a fire. Your child has an escape. A window large enough to escape through and window well that they can climb out of. A must in any basement bedroom.

A Creative Touch

Channel your inner Joanna Gaines and swap out the closet doors with sliding barn doors. Not only will it look great, but the square footage saved by having sliding doors will be a bonus when every surface seems to be covered with your kid’s stuff. Developing a basement bedroom gives you the ability to incorporate little touches that will take a bedroom from ok to wow!
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Place for You to Escape

Your home is a busy place, but down in the basement, you can have some “me time.” You enjoy working out, but now you need to be home for the kids. You need a workout room to help with sanity. Maybe you want a cozy reading nook or an art studio. There is so much you can do in “your space” in the basement.

Art Studio

Instead of washing your brushes out in the bathroom sink while your masterpiece perches precariously in the corner of your (carpeted) bedroom, developing an art studio in your basement can give you an opportunity to unlock your personal Da Vinci. A personal art studio can mean flooring that is designed to withstand repeated washings instead of a maze of drop clothes around your easel. Or a big utility sink installed right in your studio, so you can wash your tools out in a dedicated space and not worry about getting oil paints on your kitchen counters.

Personal Workout Room

Your health is important, but trying to sneak over to the neighborhood gym in between all your other obligations, is like trying to nail jello to a tree! But if you were able to build your own workout room in the basement, you could sneak in a quick workout while the kids do their homework upstairs, or after bedtime. An added plus would be guaranteed access to your favorite machines, no more waiting for someone to finish their set!

Reading Nook

If you love to read, a great idea for your basement is incorporating a cozy reading nook under the stairs to redeem the space that is otherwise unused. Whether you choose to go simple with a few floor pillows or go all in with wall sconces and bookcases, this is an opportunity to invest in yourself!

Extra Space

We love family but tripping all over each other isn’t working. You need a bigger house, but then you would have to move. By developing your basement, you can add four hundred to six hundred square feet of space without moving. It is also cheaper than an addition. More space, with less stress…now you’re talking!
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Space To Sprawl

Developing your basement gives you the space to live the way you want. Creating space away from the family bedrooms means you can watch the game without waking up the sleeping baby. Your kids can have their friends over to play video games without taking over the entire living room.

Space to Share

Are you tired of tiptoeing around the kitchen so that you don’t wake up your overnight guests who are sleeping on the couch? A guest room in the basement gives you the space to share your home with others without killing yourself. Or perhaps a little kitchenette in the basement so your parents can make a cup of coffee in their own space while they are visiting you?

Whether you choose to build a playroom for the kids, add another bedroom, create a personal sanctuary or simply create more space for living, developing your basement gives you the opportunity to live your life. Contact E3 to discuss how we can help you improve your basement and your life.