Every person is unique, every family has their own values so how can choosing from “basement development packages” suit everyone? It can’t. But if you are anything like me, if you are asked “what do you want?” your mind goes blank. I walk into Wendy’s, I am hungry but what will I eat? My eyes go first to the combos, then I can get an idea of the right meal. They include a main entree, side, and a drink. A starting place for a great meal. Of course, they can be modified but a good place to start dreaming from.  Maybe I will add pickles, maybe switch the Coke for a coffee, who knows? But it’s my hunger and I want a place to start. E3’s basement development packages are our combos to start dreaming from.


Basement development with carpetThe same is with your basement. You know you want a place for your kids to play and maybe an extra bedroom, but there are so many things that go into a great basement. How do you decide what to include in your basement renovation?

This is our goal in having 3 “E”  basement development packages, to start the conversation. If you haven’t already please take a moment to look through our basement packages. They are EXPECTED, EXCELLENCE and ECONOMICAL, each one with a different level of finishes, features, and budget. Somethings are standard, like quality 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Paint, regardless of the package, E3 builds quality. But some things are a matter of taste and budget, acrylic or tile surround.  This will help us talk intelligently about your desires for your basement. To discuss together how E3 Construction can develop your basement to suit your values. This is the value of a package, to have a starting point for planning how to develop your basement.


Basement development packages also help with consistency. A basement with inconsistent finishes just doesn’t feel right. You walk down the stairs and there is a mishmash of finishes, the basement just feels wrong. You don’t want to walk over linoleum flooring to your beautiful walk-in tile shower, with a mosaic tiled floor and walls. With its custom 10mm tempered sliding glass doors opposite of your brown flush panel door. No, you want the value to match value. Packages allow E3 to help with this, as you raise the bar we can raise the entire basement with it.

Of course, you can upgrade a few items, like a beautiful necklace but let’s start with consistency. Which ensures the things of extra value, really add value.


Last but not least, a basement development package helps with setting a budget, how much money will you spend on developing your basement. You love your family and “would do anything for them” but the reality is you have a limited amount of money. There is no value in talking and stressing out about building an “Excellent” basement if you can only afford “Expected”.  That’s just mean. Of course, there can be highlight items. A couple of items which highlight the look and use of your basement. Maybe the tile niche in the shower is what makes you use the basement shower. That’s your choice, it’s your improved basement.

Basement Development Packages

Let’s start the conversation about your basement, please let us know which basement development package E 3 Construction can Improve your Life with.  To see what is included in our view our Basement Development page.