About Us

Me, The Basement Renovations Guy

E3 Construction is made up of a team of individuals from diverse backgrounds, who are all seeking to Improve Lives through construction, specifically basement renovations. But for now, let’s share about me, Ryan Nickel – the owner and operator of E3 Construction. My wife, kids, and I have had the privilege of calling Calgary home for many years now. But like most Calgarians, I was not born here.

Basement Renovation Deals

I grew up in a farming community, which left strong impressions on me. One was the “handshake deal”, where people around me would stake their entire livelihood on nothing more than a shake of a hand. These men and women strove to be honest with each other so that all they needed to finalize a deal was a simple, honest handshake. The same is true with E3; although we have contracts to help us clarify expectations and details for your home improvement, ultimately, I want to be honest and fair with you. When we develop your basement, we will do what we promise, because our word is our bond. Once we finish renovating your basement, I can still look you in the eye, having done what we promised and having clarified expectations during the basement development process.

Basement Design

Another man of integrity who influenced me was my mentor, Reuben. A significant question he impressed on me is, “Where is the fence post?”. This was part of a story about how a fence post incorrectly placed in a farmyard could interrupt the efficiency of work and cause trouble for the farmer. The same is true when developing your basement.

Functional basement design is one of the most important parts of developing your basement. What value is a rec room in your basement if there is a telepost right in the middle making the space unusable? It is the relationship between items in your basement that determine the value of your basement.

Basements are unique to design because you have to consider what is happening on the ceiling in terms of beams, pipes, and teleposts, as well as considering where the ground works are in the floor. Well-designed basements are all about relationships. Basement walls need to be placed strategically in relationship to telepost location and bulkheads.

I have seen unwelcoming rooms simply because of a misplaced door in relation to a bulkhead. We do our best to minimize bulkheads because your basement looks much better with nice clean lines.

Basement Value

It doesn’t take a million dollars to have a valuable basement. This was a valuable construction lesson I learned from my SAIT instructor, Dan. He often emphasized that it wasn’t the price of the item you worked with but the care you used to work with it. You can buy affordable items from Lowe’s or Home Depot and still have a great looking basement, but these items need to be installed with care. It’s the little things like spray-painted millwork that really increase the look and feel of your basement, even though they are made from affordable MDF casing. It is the guiding hand of a skilled tradesperson that makes all the difference in adding value to your basement, and this is what E3 Construction provides.

Journeyman Carpenter

With the help of Dan and my many other instructors at SAIT, I became a Journeyman Carpenter. In general, carpentry is considered to be a “volunteer trade”, meaning you don’t need any formal training to be a carpenter or even to develop someone’s basement. I decided to take SAIT’s Carpentry program, despite many “good” carpenters questioning my choice, because trained and untrained carpenters are paid the same.

Was it worth it for me to get this training, and does it make a difference having a Journeyman Carpenter develop your basement? There is no short answer, but as my training progressed, I started to view carpentry in a new way. It wasn’t just about cutting a board and nailing it together. I learned how all the little details affect the quality of what is being built. For example, how I place the studs impacts how well a wall can be insulated. Knowing that wood shrinks 3% across the grains and only 0.2% along the grains gives me guidance in using materials properly so that what I build will last for years to come. These and many other aspects come into play when we develop your basement, which is why each E3 Construction project is overseen by a Journeyman Carpenter.

In Preparation To Develop Your Basement

In the words of Sir Winston Churchill “I felt as if I were walking with destiny, and that all my life was in preparation for this hour”. Churchill had a much greater task ahead of him than developing your basement when he said these words. But as I look back over my life and the people who influenced me, I too see Destiny walking with me in preparation to “Improve your Life through Construction”. I hope you give E3 Construction a chance to improve YOUR life – contact us for a quote today!!!!

Our Mission

Improving Lives Through Construction

We want to make Calgary a better place to live and work and we are doing this through construction. Calgary is a beautiful city nestled between the Majestic Rockies and the endless blue sky of the vast Prairies, but ultimately Calgary is about people. People working and living together in this amazing place of the world. And our mission is to improve that experience of life, where we live and how we work.

Improving Where You Live

We are striving to improve your life by quality construction, through home improvements built in an Efficient, Effective and Economical manner.  These improvements will truly improve your life by improving your home, the place you start and finish each day in.  For E3 Construction, your basement development or renovation project is more than just a construction job –  we seek to improve your life through what we do.

Improving How We Work

There are people in this world who love to help people and to create. We are a team of these people, dedicated to helping others. Skilled in construction, building things is our superpower. As Calgarians provide us with the opportunities to improve their homes, we have an outlet to release our creativity. With the guiding principles of Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Economy, we, in turn, improve both our lives and yours.


This is the reason why we do what we do. We are improving Calgarians homes so they can improve their lives. Our goal is not just to get it done but to improve their lives as we improve their homes.


We don’t build because we must, We build because we love to construct things. We like to take ideas and make them real. You have a dream for your basement, we would love to make it a reality. Our driving passion is CONSTRUCTION TO IMPROVE LIVES.


EFFICIENT: achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense EFFECTIVE: producing the desired result. ECONOMICAL: giving good value in relation to the amount of money, time, and effort spent.

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