How many times have we shouted something like that down the stairs? You want your kids to have fun in their playroom in your basement but it just gets loud. They get excited, they start talking louder. They are playing with their toys and a real ruckus begins. And you don’t even care about “peace on earth” but just want a little peace and quiet in your house.  Or it’s 3 AM and you can’t sleep. You sneak down into the basement to watch your favourite movie. And it just doesn’t feel right listening to it at a volume of 2. But anything louder and the whole house will wake up, and then you can definitely forget about getting any sleep!

E3 Construction is here to help you when you are developing your basement to increase the “Peace and Quiet” in your home. The simplest answer may be Roxul Safe’n’Sound in your ceiling joists. To be clear, this does not stop all sound as that would involve much more work and cost in developing your basement.

But it’s like this, I live a few hundred feet from busy 16th Avenue, and there is always noisy traffic driving past, but in my backyard we have peace. The difference is the city planners wisely built a berm along 16th Avenue. It doesn’t stop the noise, but it insulates me from the sharper sounds of traffic.

Whenever I am in doubt about its merits, my wife and I go walking along the top of the berm. Before you know it, we are yelling at each other because we can’t hear over the traffic, and we become frustrated with each other. It’s not good, but then we walk a few feet down the berm where we are insulated from the sound, and instantly we are all better.

I am not saying it has saved our marriage, but it’s good for us.

Roxul in your ceiling joist does the same thing, it deadens the sound. You can still hear your kids, it’s just not as loud. It allows them to have fun, get excited but you can still enjoy your home. And when you can’t sleep and a movie is called for, you can listen to it at a decent volume. Talk with E3 Construction about how Roxul Safe’N’sound can play a part in Improving your Life.