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If you want to improve the world, improve your home. E3 has found that home improvements should be grouped together and focussed, making renovations efficient, effective and economical.  You select an area of your house. Then in that area, we can do a complete improvement.
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Basement Development

OPPORTUNITY, the biggest thing your basement provides for you. Opportunity to relax, for kids to play, for guests to sleep, for storage, to watch the game, for rental income, to entertain…there is no other place in your house offering you so much potential. Go to your dark, cold basement and ask what would improve your life; your basement may provide you the opportunity to achieve it.

Bathroom Renovation

Your sanctuary should be welcoming and not include a leaking tap. Yes, you could replace just the tap, or you can refresh the whole room. Add a deeper tub and an appealing tile surround with a vanity that serves you and is pleasing to look at. Help reduce water waste with a new toilet, along with an elegant faucet that doesn’t drip. Now you have a sanctuary.

Kitchen Renovation

The heart of your home. This is the centre.  No matter what you are doing – entertaining, relaxing, creating – it all starts and ends in the kitchen. It needs to be fresh, usable space. A space that you can prepare a snack or a banquet without dreading being in there. Let’s do a little heart surgery and make your kitchen work for you.

Deck Construction

This area of your yard is an extension of your house. In the summer when your barbeque replaces your kitchen, and when all you want to do is sit out on the deck soaking up the sun, it is the only “room” that matters. Let us build you a simple extension to your house. Then you’ll have an E3 deck for the summer, and an E3 basement for the winter, making you set for every season.

RElated Services

Basement renovations are our thing but many of our skills in developing your basement can be used for other home improvements.

New Paint

We can freshen the interior of your whole house with new paint. Often this is done when you buy your new house and want to make it your own before you move in. Before you fill your space, we come and freshen the walls, ceiling, and millwork with new paint. When we are living in our homes, we often don’t notice how dirty the ceiling becomes with oil from cooking and dust slowly collecting.  The paint colour may have been great when it was first put on, but now it has slowly faded over time,  or the 70’s orange just doesn’t reflect your current style. We can change all that before you move in. With new paint, your walls reflect your taste with paint selected from Benjamin Moore colour selections. Your millworks pops with new bright paint, and your new white ceiling feels just a little higher.

Egress Windows

No basement bedroom is safe without an egress window. In the event of a fire, you want a way to escape.  Would there be anything worse than hearing the smoke alarm going off, waking up from your sleep, the fire raging and there is no escape? An egress window is a code requirement. And if safety is not enough, nothing will add greater value to your basement room than a window to the great outdoors. A window literally opens the room up with fresh air and light and makes the room more welcoming. An egress window for your basement bedroom is a must. Make it safe and inviting.


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