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Improve Lives Through ConstructionE3 Construction designs and builds to improve your life. We are always working with you to make the improvement experience a pleasant one.


Basement Development

We bring your basement from dream to completion. Focussing on the biggest oppurtunity in your home to add space for the things your family enjoys. Then realizing this opportunity in your basement. We are not developing basesments we are Improving Lives through basements.

Home Improvements

Want to improve the world, improve your home. E 3 has found that home improvements should be grouped together and focussed. That’s how we will improve your home, by you selecting an area of your house. Then in that area, we can do a complete improvement

Design & Plan

It’s not just the room that needs improving its the layout of your house. Your home has small closed in rooms, which doesn’t work for your family. We can open things up and make the rooms right for your family. We will plan and design the layout to make your home work for you.

Why Choose US

Satisfaction Guarantee

We build to a high standard creating basements you can enjoy. But we also warranty our work. For one year, if something is not done right, we will make it right.

A One-Stop Shop

We bring your home dreams to completion. We know all the parts involved in interior home improvements. Working with a team of people with the required skills to improve your home, making your dreams a reality.

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There is no obligation to start the conversation with E3 and see if we are the company for your project.

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